This was a kitchen that the previous homeowner had remodeled and had done many things incorrect.  The new owner asked us to design a more functional kitchen for them.  What didn’t work was the island in the middle of the kitchen, you couldn’t open the basement door all the way without hitting it so we got rid of that to make more walk around room.  The stove was moved to the back wall as well.  Next was the half wall hiding cabinets in the corner which made it very unfunctional and hard to use the cabinets, we put a corner cabinet in place of that which gave the homeowner much more storage.  Lighting in the kitchen was not in the proper places which left many shadows and dark spots so we took out the old ceiling, put new drywall up along with can lights to better light the room.  We added extra cabinets on each side of the refrigerator, also moved the sink to the corner of the island which we added extra length to the granite countertop to allow for seating.  The old slate floor was removed and we we able to source the original wood flooring that was in the house and installed it in the kitchen to make it a smooth transition to the rest of the house.  To finish it off granite countertops were installed throughout the kitchen with a natural stone backsplash.  In the end I think you’ll agree that the finished product is more open, better light and more functional.

Chesterfield KITCHEN